What services does offer? What writers work there? How good is their support? Learn here, in a comprehensive review!

Services offers a diverse range of services, that vary from formatting of your paper to writing a dissertation for you. The range of services is impressive and exceeds plenty of other writing companies. The company is ready to help you at every stage of the writing process – depending on your needs.

This brings us to order customization. We were happy to notice that customers can customize their orders to the smallest detail. You can choose the type and size of your paper, its urgency and difficulty levels, its quality standard, the number of sources to be used, etc. All in all, you can easily notice there is no one-size-fits-all approach there. You can get what you need and not pay extra money for the services. Besides, if you have a rare subject, you have a good chance to find it here as they have writers capable of creating all kinds of papers.

Urgency and timeliness of delivery

The company obviously makes its best to deliver order to customers as fast as possible. From what we see on their website and judging from own experience of ordering there, it is quite possible to have your paper written in only a couple of hours, which is definitely an impressive result. However, we wouldn’t be so sure about the quality of papers written in such a hurry. An increase in speed often comes at the expense of quality, so it is better to use this option only when you are absolutely sure that submitting a paper on time is more important than getting something above C for it in the end.

Another thing to point out (and we’ve made it our goal to check) is that service delivers its papers on time. Not earlier than expected, but right when they promised to. We believe it is a rather good characteristic, which means that they’re using the last bits of time available to apply final touches to papers and double-check the quality.

Customer Support and Writers

It is difficult to evaluate the qualification level of all writers working at here, but we were rather satisfied with the person who had been assigned to work on our test order. He turned out friendly and helpful, and also ready to answer our questions. The same is about customer support. Yes, we had to wait a bit before they picked up the phone, but perhaps this is because of the numerous calls they have to process.

For those who don’t like phones and waiting on the line, there is a live chat window in the right bottom corner that you can use around the clock.

Is it worth your time to order here?

While we can’t take the responsibility of recommending you a certain writing company, we do feel confident about this website. The drawbacks they have are not that crucial and should not prevent you from enjoying the high quality they offer. And they do offer papers of high quality, judging by the test order we have placed at this website. For loyal customers, there is a number of discounts that reduce the price significantly, and thanks to the high speed of work customers can get their papers done in a matter of hours. If these characteristics are valuable for you, then this service will be a good choice.