Thinking about using Essay BestSeller? For you, we have tested this service and put our findings in a short review that, as we hope, will help you understand how good this service is and what you can expect if you order from them.

Overview is not an old company that a majority of students knows, but a new ambitious player on the custom writing arena. They might not be able to compete with more experienced providers in terms of the writers’ base (it takes a lot of time to build one), but there are various convenient features that compensate the lack of writing force, including good quality of papers provided. Yet, let’s start from the very beginning.

What do they offer?

This is a company that offers a variety of writing services in a variety of disciplines. The range of papers covered is regular – we can’t say that they do something different from the majority of writing services out there. However, the range has been increasing at a rather high speed up until now, which gives reasons to believe that they will be adding more in the future.

More specifically, the ordering happens in the following way:

A customer comes to the website fills in the order form, transfers funds to make an advanced payment, and has a paper delivered via email. This ordering procedure is regular, which means most writing companies stick to this sequence of steps.

How much does it cost?

The pricing policy is rather flexible. Even though the prices are not very low, there are a lot of options to adjust and reduce them. First of all, there are different customization options, such as a plagiarism report or a top writer’s services, that can be switched off to reduce the price. Secondly, you can always order a paper well in advance to avoid urgency costs. Finally, there are discounts that can take off up to 30% of the price. Discount codes are provided to registered customers using their email addresses.

Are there any guarantees?

There are three guarantees here. First one, the 100% privacy and security guarantee, ensures that no customer information is ever shared with third parties. It also guarantees that all transactions are secure and not subject to fraud.

The second one, no-plagiarism guarantee, ensures that customers receive only high-quality and original content. This is extremely important for all those who care about quality and want to get only the best results.

The third guarantee, a free revision, is a follow-up service. It means that if a customer finds something below the required quality level, they can request for a free revision. In fact, they can request as many revisions as they want within two weeks after order completion.


To see how good this company is, we have ordered a test research paper there. Since we were not in a hurry, we didn’t ask for urgent fulfillment and cared more about quality than work speed. The paper that we have received was evaluated by our in-house writers and graded as a sure ‘A’. Of course, a single good paper is just a start, but if they show good level of quality with a random assignment, there is a good chance they will do it in other cases, too.

What is even better, the service provides a good customer experience and has a very helpful support (available in the live chat or via phone). That’s why we feel justified in approving this service as a custom writing provider that is worth our readers’ attention.