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4D Result Singapore Pools

Do you like lucky games in Singapore such as the lottery? Are you looking for a reputable agent to provide the most exactly 4D result singapore Pools? Don’t worry! This article will help you! 

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What is 4D Singapore Pools ?

This is a legal lottery which is launched by the Singapore government and is operated exclusively  by Singapore Pools. Day by day, 4D has become one of the most popular lottery in Singapore and Malaysia. You can easily find 4D tickets at all of the stores of Singapore Pools as well as stores in Singapore and Malaysia. 

How To Play 4D Singapore Pools ?

There are 5 steps to play 4D lottery. We will show you as follows:

– You have to buy your 4D tickets first. Only $1 for a ticket including GST.

– You have to choose a 4-digit number random. That is a sequence from 0000 to 9999. 

– Waiting for the results are announced every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm. 

– You can check the result in 5 prize classes and follow 23 winning numbers that are drawn by the dealers.

– Check your number that you bet on whether the same with 23 winning numbers or not. If you are lucky enough, you will win the big prize. 

Note: Only accept over 18 age players to play 4D lottery. 

4D Result Singapore Pools

You have to wait to check your sequence number from 0000 to 9999 whether same with the winning number. You can receive the result at 6:30 pm every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

The lottery process will be performed at the official branch of Singapore Pools at 210 Middle Road by an auditor and 5 drawers. Before entering the lottery process, the auditor will activate a special system to randomly select the number of balls used in the automated drawing process. Activating and rechecking the machine to make sure that the machines are working properly and so do the backup machines. Of course, the work of choosing a lottery draw machine is completely confidential to ensure the fairness and transparency of each draw by carefully locking and sealing the machines. The balls are numbered from 0 to 9 with the same weight. When the draw begins, these balls will be spun in front of all players by one of the participants. The process of spinning the ball continues until all 23 numbers have been drawn from the spinning cage. These 23 numbers are the winning set of 4D numbers.

The 4D lottery and its cousin TOTO Singapore Pools have not only become the most popular lottery in Singapore and other Asian countries but also famous all over the world. The lottery stores are present in many places in Singapore and Malaysia. Therefore, players can buy 4D tickets at any store as long as you are over 18 years old. However, many players were confused because they did not know where to check the results. Don’t worry, we will give you the solution. If you want to watch 4D live results at the main branch, head to Singapore Pools headquarters at 210 Middle Road. If you do not have the conditions to go there, you can comfortably get 4D results at home through the reliable agent in Singapore

On the other hand, 4D is a special game under the copyright of Singapore Pools – the only legitimate company in the lottery market in Singapore to perform coordination and award prizes to the winners. Therefore, you should be assured to experience this attractive lottery with us safe and reliable without fear of fraud. Besides, our customer service is always ready to serve you wherever you are, you can contact us as soon as you want. 

With an attractive prize up to $ 3000, 4D attracts millions of players every year with the desire to change their lives thanks to this game.  Coming to Realessay to get the information and results is a wise choice. Realessay are proud to be one of Singapore’s most direct, fastest and most accurate 4D result delivery agencies. If you are a hard fan of 4D lottery, please register as a member with Realessay to receive the fastest, most accurate services, information and results. Good luck!