5 Negative Way Of Thoughts About Money Management In Poker

In general, we improve our Poker skills by thinking about what we are doing on the table. Our thinking is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon. However, there will be a few ways of thinking that push players following a completely wrong direction. We should avoid this instead of liking the silly pandas. 

Here are 5 negative ways of thinking that players often face. We will list down from a few examples to more general examples of self-destruction of your hand, and the bigger blunders of bad thinking like this. 

5. “I really can’t fold right now”

Let’s imagine! Only within 45 minutes, you are spending $1 or $2 to bet on Poker. During that time, if there were any games that you can earn a little winning, folding cards in the first round is almost your own. You had a few hundred dollars in your pocket when you are dealt with K,10 in the middle position. 

Three or four players bet on two dollars before they bet on you. You thought that you could have done something to avoid the before action which would take any chances if you bet on the big game in this easy bet round. Even though you can bet it up to $12 to keep your unqualified hand. Surprisingly, even though you know your way of thinking is very tight because of all that you did in the first round of betting. 

It seems that the other guy raises his bets up to 30 dollars. It forces you into a position to discard cards. He may be stronger than you. Your another voice forces you to fold cards, but immediately you will realize that based on your thinking, you can play at a level where you can easily get a pair of dominant cards from A A to 10 10 ,A K , A Q,K Q . However, you think that ever since you started to bet and you don’t want to look like a weakling by withdrawing from battle, you feel like you really can’t fold right now. And so you keep following the bet.

The fact that your thinking on the table is a logical consideration. With the thinking that you can’t fold is completely wrong, very wrong because you allowed your mind to play cards with careful consideration. Folding “looks like a weakling” is not a good reason. It is very easy to fold a hand to play another card rather. You should get rid of the rigid thoughts that put you in a position to call bet. Admittedly, you definitely want to fold even if you have already started to gamble – and you should save money on subsequent matches.

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4. “Is he playing tricks?” 

Yes and of course in Poker there will always be a trick. You can win a lot of money by betting on the player when you know his card is not as serious as what he showed. But especially, this is usually only applied at the target matches and low-stakes matches that most of us play in public cardrooms. Such an attack by your opponent is to show that he has a really strong game. 

However, there are many players who still can’t avoid being confused by the trick of the opponent. Even when all of their rational considerations would be dictated by that opponent’s play style and then they thought they would fold cards.

In short, although their consideration tells them to fold, here players who want to play well often tend to find themselves an excuse to play with tricks. Indeed, there may be times when your opponent is playing a trick and placing a big bet. But your vigilance status will certainly resist the temptations that your opponent makes. Therefore you can have a reason not to call bet once when you really know you need to fold now. 

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3. “I absolutely have to bet”.

In general, aggression on the table is a good thing. However, the players may be mistaken when they always believe that the bet must be made unconsciously in all cases.

For example, You are standing in front of a gun in a destination match ($1 / $2 NL). You have 4 4 and bet with the hope that no one will raise your bet too big for you to be safe in this match. Unfortunately there are three players who bet after you with a large amount of money. 

In the first round of betting, you completely miss the four-legged pair of 9 5 2. And you turn the next player. Although you do not have anything, you have a reputation as a flexible player. You think that you will have to bet to maintain this image, so you bet $12. Everyone now folds cards except the fish. 

The second betting round is A . Now you think you will have to bet again because if you turn, your opponent won’t let you fold this hand, so you bet up to $30. When 9 finally reaches the final betting round, you determine that you will have to show your strength again to win so you push a hard shot – and you lose to a guy who is laughing at you with a weak card.

It is not a necessity that any player should not gamble in such a way. Although it’s hard to find good reasons for this.

This is not necessary in what you did but why you still did. You have no cards to bet. Perhaps you should have moved your turn and folded the card. But with the thought that you need to bet to show your strength but you didn’t expect you to lose your game in the way you think. 

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2. “I’m in the obstruction”.

The misleading ways of thinking that can make you lose all the money. This can be said to be a devastation. A game of $300 can be ruined just because 10 bets are not thought carefully with at a price of $10 per turn. A bad bet is still a bad bet and of course, whether you’ve completely lowered the $200 bet or raised the bet to $500, it doesn’t matter.

If you are starting to think that it costs you a bit more money then it is time for you to leave the table.

1. “I have to get my capital back”.

Unlike other ways of thinking, this is the worst way of thinking. It is sad because it happens so commonly in many poker players. It is always a way of thinking stubbornly and obviously not being able to take back what was lost.

While you are in debt, you may not be able to control how your mind plays – and perhaps you stay at the table for longer and in the meanwhile you may let the opponent win. It is much more likely and you will think that if you go down now, it is not the best way. Never mind what’s around the best way that you should fold all to ensure safety.

If you’ve been stuck in the online casino Singapore for a long time, this should be enough to start thinking about opportunities to get your capital back. Even if you do not admit that you have completely lost, you will probably get tired and your game will probably get worse.

You think that if you only need to get your capital back, you may feel better. But the longer you stay, the more tired you get. The more tired you get, the worse you play. The worse you play, the more money you lose. And the more you lose, the greater the obstacle to regaining your capital and the longer you have to stay to achieve your ambiguous goal.

Remember that when you lose all your bets or even worse, you’re completely out of pocket, you have no money on your credit card, and then you withdraw money from your ATM card, you must fold the card at right that time. 


The solution to these negative thoughts is to think for themselves. In order for them to be aware that they come to the game with a clear mind, and therefore they must be better equipped to counteract the negative effects before their game.

Remember and consider carefully before your next game. You will be able to avoid those kinds of thinking and understand it better at the table if the opponent starts attacking and destroying your hand.

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