How To Play Catte Card Game At Online Casino

What Is The Cattle?

Catte is a card game originating from India. After a period of birth, “Cắt tê” spread to many countries around the world, including Singapore. Most of the online casinos in Singapore offer cattle.

How To Play Catte Card Game At Online Casino Singapore

In order for you to comprehend the easiest way to play Catte, bookmaker separates the playing process into two parts for easy understanding.

How To Play “Cắt tê” In The First 4 Rounds:

Players must place bets before starting a hand. In the first 4 rounds, players have to fight and win the right to play in the last two rounds. Usually in the first hand the player who comes first will be the table owner or the oldest person. In the following games the person who wins the previous game will play the first card. Hit turn counter-clockwise.

The first person to play a card, the second person must continue to play a card of the same suit and of a greater value. The player who faces down immediately cannot block the card and gets passes the turn. In turn, the players then follow the same rules. The first player should choose the big card to play so that the next player has no chance to block. In the event that no one has blocked the card, the player has played the card that has been held for sale until now and is entitled to participate in the last 2 rounds. In the 2nd round the cards are of lower value. Players do not forget to keep the small cards to face in case of losing the spare in the remaining games. For the following players, blocking a card will have a widget that will continue to play the next turn.

The game goes on like that until the first 4 rounds are over. Any player in the round of 4 rounds being shown face-up must stop the game. If there is only one player standing the longest then that person will win without playing in the last two rounds. Of course all stakes will belong to this person.

How To Play Catte In The Last 2 Rounds:

The 5th round 6 takes place if the 4th round has two players still remaining. The winner of the 4th round will face up one card for the opponent to see and the remaining cards must be hidden. Then the opponent will have two choices: either to show the bigger card or to win the show. In round 6 is the deciding round to win and lose. The person who shows the cards will turn their last card and so will the people who follow. The player with a card of the same suit and a value greater than the card of the last person on show wins. The hand will end and a new round will begin.

How to play “Cắt tê” is not difficult, but to win cards, it takes a lot of practice and experience to judge the opponent’s cards. Players need to be careful, consider each card before playing.