Football Tips & Predictions Crotone – Lazio November 21, 2020

Football Tips & Predictions Crotone – Lazio November 21, 2020

At 21:00 on November 21, 2020 at the Stadio Ezio Scida Stadium, the Italian National Championship  qualifying match took place between the two teams, Crotone and Lazio. In which Crotone is the home team and the away team is Lazio. According to the current situation, the home team Crotone has 2 points and is ranked 20th on the rankings. This is not a high achievement, in the previous 7 matches Crotone has never won a football match. Not to mention the opponent that Crotone is about to meet is even stronger than the previous teams. When the home team is not in very good form, Lazio’s away team is leading with 11 points and 9th on the standings. According to the results of recent matches, Lazio must be heading to the top 5 tournaments in the coming period. Viewers easily see this ball game, Crotone is the springboard for Lazio to increase points and go into the deeper round of theItalian National Championship.

Information Match Between Crotone – Lazio

Round 8 of the Italian National Championship

Time to take place: 21:00 on November 21, 2020.

Stadium: Stadio Ezio Scida.

Evaluation And Assessment Of The Match Results Between Crotone – Lazio

Statistics of previous matches, the home team – Crotone participated in a total of 5 matches, had 2 draws and 3 losses. The position where Crotone is at is near the bottom of the table and is in danger. Because if Crotone does not win, the team will be eliminated from the group stage. Not to mention the previous opponents, although not as strong as Lazio, but they still lost. When Lazio is in this round, what Crotone needs to do is try his best to defend to get 1 point at home, do not lose spirit, hold on to have the chance to stay in the game.

While the home team lost continuously, the last 5 matches Lazio won 2 matches, drew 2 matches and only 1 lost. When meeting Crotone, the team flourishes even more, and the team must win this match. Crotone will definitely not be able to keep up with the points Lazio owns, they can only take the room to leave. Lazio wants to go further in the ball game, let’s forcefully knock Crotone out of the qualifying round.

The score of the Italian National Championship qualifying match between Crotone and Lazio is 0-2.

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Asian Handicap:

When the handicap is on both teams, Lazio will accept Crotone 0.75 left. If team Crotone wins, the player gets 95, loses 95 and the winner Lazio receives 88.

When betting on the 1st half handicap between the two teams, Lazio will accept Crotone 0.25 left. If the home team wins, the player gets 95, loses 95 and the Lazio team wins, receives 83.

Compared to other teams, Crotone is the weakest team after the previous matches. Currently at the bottom of the table is Crotone. Meanwhile, Crotone’s rival Lazio is a very strong team, not to mention the away team that has the ability to win this season. However, although the visitors are strong, they have not achieved the desired position. With the next match Lazio is required to win 3 points to get higher. Asian markets in the 1st half and the whole match should be wagered on away team Lazio.

Over / Under:

For the whole match, placing an Over / Under for both teams is 3 left. If you choose Over, when you win you get 95, and if you choose Under, you will get 95.

In the 1st half, if placing Over / Under for both teams, then 1.25 left. The player who chooses Over wins has the chance to get 90 while the player chooses Under wins if they win 98.

According to the research of previous matches, although the away team was stronger than the home team, each match they scored less than two goals. So even if Lazio wins, the score between the two teams is not too different. Crotone is a weak team in both attack and defense, this match they are not able to score any more goals. If the player has placed a bet, Under should have both the match and the 1st half.

Roster Expected To Play On The Field Of Two Teams

Below are the expected lineups for both the home and away teams. However, this list is only used for the upcoming match on 11/21/2020. There are many more intense matches ahead, clubs and coaches will have a new direction for team members to bring the best results. After the match on November 21, 2020, perhaps the Euro Cup 2021 is the tournament that viewers are most looking forward to, and there will be many positive changes from the two teams.

Crotone: Alex Cordaz, Lisandro Rodriguez Magallan, Luca Marrone, Vladimir Golem, Salvatore Molina, Luca Cigarini, Niccolo Zanellato, Antonio Mazzotta, Junior Messias, Simeon Tochukwu Nwankwo, Emmanuel Riviere.

Lazio: Jose Manuel Reina Paez, Patricio Gabarron Gil, Wesley Hoedt, Francesco Acerbi, Adam Marusic, Jean-Daniel Akpa-Akpro, Marco Parolo, Sergej Milinkovic Savic, Mohamed Fares, Vedat Muriqi, Carlos Joaquin Correa.