Golden Dragon – Fish Table Online Game

Golden Dragon - Fish Table Online Game

Golden Dragon Online Fish Table

Golden Dragon is the extremely popular version of the online fish table. This is a game with many new features, providing customers with new challenges and extremely attractive bonuses. Players participating in Golden Dragon need to have specific skills and strategies if they want to succeed.

Golden Dragon is really a great online fish table game, players can participate at home using PC or mobile. Surely players will experience thrills, desire to conquer the game and finally the bonus is a reward worthy of their efforts.

If players are wishing to participate in Golden Dragon online fish table games, do not ignore the article below. All the necessary information about Golden Dragon will be guided in the most detailed way!

The Features Of Golden Dragon

  • Golden Dragon always gives players the opportunity to hunt fish and receive extremely high bonus points when the creatures have attractive payment values, weapons are constantly updated with new features for users.
  • Players can find all Boss features or rare creatures in the game’s guide.
  • Players can activate the feature at any time. Note that in each room, the level is different, the difficulty is different, so the features are also different. The higher the rank, the more powerful the feature will be.
  • Players should set goals for themselves and choose appropriate weapons to hunt, such as full screen bombs or lasers, guns, …


The reason Golden Dragon game is so loved by many players is because this game was released by a major game manufacturer in the world – Gameplay. Plus the game can be joined using the app, which means players can download it to their personal mobile or PC and have fun wherever they are.

The design of the Golden Dragon is also somewhat more prominent. The game has vivid graphics, Asian style. Players can freely share the game with other players, the entertainment process goes smoothly, without lag. Gameplay designed Golden Dragon has an attractive background music, players can also take advantage of skills and opportunities to hunt fish, outperforming other players on the screen.

How To Play Golden Dragon Fish Game Online

It’s easy if players want to join Golden Dragon, because all they need is skill and real experience. Website S777 club can meet those needs, in addition, this online casino also shares many interesting betting tips for players to increase their winnings.

  • When entering the Golden Dragon, players can choose the difficulty level and use large amounts of money to participate. In difficult game rooms, creatures will have extremely attractive payouts and players also need to have many powerful weapons.
  • Depending on the time, different creatures appear. Players need to grasp the situation and replace weapons accordingly. When fish encounter bullets, guns with great power, they will be easier to destroy and the bonus the player receives is also higher.
  • The player’s task is to aim at the fish on the screen and release the bullet at the right time. Each fish species will have different movement speed, different size, so players need to be careful to achieve the best goal.
  • The most difficult moment in the game when the Boss shows up at the end. The player can give up or try to shoot to kill the Boss. This needs to depend on the player’s strength, skill and economy.
  • At the end of each game, the bonus will automatically be credited to the player’s account.

Secrets And Tricks To Win Fish Table Online

Like other online entertainment games, if you want to win, you need to have skill and ability. However, there must be another factor that is equally important, which is strategy. Players must successfully apply the tips, some suggestions from experienced players to increase the bonus.

  • Select single fish or fish group:

The fishes that appear on the screen sometimes move in groups or just individually. If the group is about 10 children, the player should release 2 to 3 bullets into each animal. This will increase the chance of killing the whole fish, the amount of the player bonus also increases.

For single fish, the player should use small or medium ammo. Because just like that they can successfully hunt fish, large bullets just waste bullets. If the player has fired 3 shots and still doesn’t kill the fish, they should change the target.

  • Gradual bullets increase strategy:

This is a trick that is often used by experienced players. If you shoot 9 fish with a single bullet, the strategy will increase the amount of ammo used from 2 to 3 and so on. Players will improve their chances of killing a higher value fish. Since ammo costs money, players will have to pay more to use this strategy, but in the long run, players will achieve higher scores.

  • Weapon Selection

In the game, there will be unexpected situations, players need to quickly make appropriate judgments to improve the situation. Because if the player uses medium ammo to shoot big fish and vice versa, or sometimes wastes ammo because of impossible goals, the player quickly loses all his capital. The selection of weapons and ranks in accordance with the ability is also a tip to play fish table online.

  • Learn the rules of the game

In general, the online versions of fish tables have quite similar methods of participation. However, in order for the game to go smoothly, players should read through the instructions for each game


In general, Golden Dragon is a game with many advantages and great attraction. Players who want a safe and quality experience should go to S777 club – an online casino that specializes in providing online fish tables and even Golden Dragon online fish game. Hopefully the above information helps players better understand Golden Dragon and be able to win. Good luck players!