How To Play Pelican Pete Slots Game at Live22?

What Is Pelican Pete Slot Machine?

Pete the Pelican is considered a new invention that is considered a good friend accompanying Live22 and other betting enthusiasts. Pelican Pete is full of coins and takes a long time to spin 5 rolls for him to open the mine and get the bettor bonuses.

Players with 50 cash lines have put together many free game features has quickly become a favorite topic when choosing Pelican Pete.

Pelican Pete Slots Game Experience At Live22:

  • Sunset by the sea:

If any player loves the beach image and the newness in game design, Pelican Pete is the choice that cannot be ignored, The game has many lower level icons shown through the card game image. Like the symbols used to play Baccarat online. Players who win high bets will be taken straight to the shore. The image of pink starfish, blue anchors or treasure chest is not lacking if the player wins at the Pelican Pete.

With the Lighthouse Scatter symbol alone you can earn up to 1600 coins. There are also golden sunset symbols that blow the bank away with a bonus of 8000 coins. Pelican Pete has the appearance of the bill full of gold, Wild is an alternative wild symbol for Lighthouse Scatter. And it only appears on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. In the event that it appears in the free game it will stay in place until all bets have been placed.

  • Splash on free game

The appearance of the Lighthouse Scatter icon is what is needed for players if they want to change the free game features of Sticky Wild. Players need to start with 10 free games and if a Pelican Pete Wild image appears in any spin then it will stick for the duration of free game betting.

The payout lines also benefit when the Wild symbols are stacked, possibly getting more payout lines when winning. And sometimes adding credits to a bank when you bet at Live22 is boring.

  • Payout lines but bet flexibly:

Pelican Pete has a total of 50 lines to be set, players can bet on 50 lines per spin. There is a lot of flexibility in choosing the credits that are stacked on each line. The lowest will be 2 or if the highest is 400. And the maximum bet goes up to 4000 per spin. This game is actually no longer considered as one of the newest Slots games but is definitely the first to have up to 50 pay lines.

Summary of Sea-Sational

 Pelican Pete is a Slot game with simple gameplay, generous payout for the winner. Future Pelican Pete is even friendlier to other newcomers. This game is definitely one of the best for anyone interested in playing Slots with Online Poker. While betting gives players a lot of risk, winning comes with fun. The payout if tried in betting Pelican Pete certainly does not disappoint players.


Live22 is happy to make a change, if the player who bet Pelican Pete makes appropriate requirements. Finding a good betting game is extremely important, but most of all, players need to find themselves a safe and quality betting place. Among the hundreds of online casinos on the market, Live22 can confidently satisfy players in any way. The upscaling of the betting market started with the needs of players, so the Live22 service was happy to listen to the audience’s opinion.