How To Win Money At Fish Tables – Fish Game Strategy

Although appearing a long time in the market but fish table gambling game online real money usa is still preferred because it is suitable for all ages. To become a high-shot shooter with a high number of coins makes everyone dream, the player will flows game strategy. The question posed from the player is “ How to cheat on the fish table”, “fish table game secrets” or “ How to win money at fish tables?” So, Realessay introduces you to some skill and tips on how to win shooting fish game online

how to win money at fish tables

Tips To Shoot A Lot Of Fish in Fish Table Game Online

  1. Shooting head of fish: Using a cannon to shoot at the fish head helps to effectively hit the target bullets
  2. Shoot 3 to 5 rounds: If you are a new player, shoot 3 to 5 bullets into the fish (level 2 cannon), so you will make the most of the damage of bullets, just as a small fish will die and still kill big fish.
  3. Use powerful weapons: Depending on the situation of crowded fish or not, consider and use strong weapons to destroy the number of fish neatly and win many coins.
  4. Shooting headshot: Waiting for the opportunity to fish more than 5 coins, using large bullets range from 4 to 5.

How To Get A Lot Of Coins With A Fish Table Game Online

Fish tables online appear a lot in the game areas of casino. This is a simple game, easy to play, attractive to both adults and children. Many people spend hours of time and money playing this game, but not everyone gets better, here are tips and tricks to be able to win money at fish tables online:

Apply Mustache Strategies

You should rotate the gun barrel and slowly shoot each bullet so 2 bullets do not go in the same direction because if 2 rounds in the same direction hit 1 fish and it does not die, you lose. For large fish, shoot 2 to 3 more. Do not shoot focused but sniper from position.

The advantage of this way of playing: each bullet can hit a small fish, the probability of death of the fish more, for the larger one to 2 bullets, the fish is still likely to die. So the total number of dead fish is still higher than if only one shot was concentrated.

Play Ballpoint

This way of playing it has increasing the number of bullets fired at the fish at the same time, which means that we shoot a few bullets into the wall and that bullet will bounce back to the fish when the bullet has not reached the fish, we shoot directly 2 lines of bullets enter the fish at the same time. However, this way is quite costly.

Slow But fast

This is used for sharks, rays, mermaids. Do not be greedy to shoot and many people also shoot the fishes in your sights. Because if you shoot a lot of fish with many people you will have to shoot a lot of bullets but if you are a little less than your opponent, the probability of losing is very high.

Shoot Only Fish Have Just Left Your Table

This method depends on the adjustment of the catapult, the fish just came out of the table firing all the small rays, after killing all the fish, the player will kill the mermaid (150 to 200 cents).

Use Algorithms To Shoot The Fish

When the fish runs across the screen, shoot the bullets in the ascending direction, according to the rule: if the second shot is killed, the third will die, suppose the first 2 fish died in bullet 5, the last one we shooting at 100 bullets then the probability that the fish will die is high.

More and more fish tables have been reported because of cheating their players. After researching, we offer you fish tables that we think you can believe in them to play the online fish table game.