Introducing UFO Frenzy Slot Game At Mega888 Casino

In Singapore and Malaysia, Mega888 is known as a prestigious and top quality betting place that is trusted by many players. Over the years, Mega888 has always been appreciated by a large number of online casino players because of its attractive offers for customers, prestige and game quality. And here we will introduce you to UFO Frenzy Slot. This is an extremely attractive betting game. It will bring you interesting betting screens. We believe you will enjoy this type of slot game. UFO Frenzy exploits alien monsters, along with farm animals such as pigs, horses and cute golden ducks with a bonus value that can be multiplied up to 600 times. Let’s learn how to play at Mega888.

What is UFO Frenzy?

UFO Frenzy is an interesting and novel themed game for players at Mega888 by GAMEPLAY INTERACTIVE. This is a funny themed game about aliens and familiar pets on a farm. With the opportunity to bring a win of 600 times the stake, UFO Frenzy will definitely be a great choice for players at Mega888. Learn Realessay how to play UFO Frenzy Slot – Space Theme below!

Game Overview

  • RTP: 95,98%
  • Reels: 5X3
  • Payout line: 25
  • Number of bet lines: 50
  • Minimum bet: 1.00
  • Max bet: 1,250.00
  • Try it out: Yes.

To be able to participate in this game, the player will first place the bet he wants for each spin; then click the bet button. The player can also place a maximum bet per bet and the game also allows the player to schedule an automatic spin without having to manually press again after each failed spin on the previous turn.

Icons And Payouts

Normal Icon

This UFO Frenzy Slot has 8 regular paying symbols and a Scatter symbol Wild similar to other Slot games. The symbols often include UFOs, chickens, pigs, cows, which are built in a funny and lovely way. These symbol groups offer high payouts when a player lands a combination of 5 symbols; or 4 and 3 symbols according to the payline.

The low paying symbols include A, K, Q, J, which pays best when a player lands 5 A on the screen, followed by K.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is the UFO symbol, it can appear on all reels and will substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter symbol.

When a Wild appears on the 3rd reel, the UFO Frenzy will trigger. 4 WILD UFO symbols will drop randomly on the reels.

If the Scatter symbol is covered in UFO Frenzy; it will still be added to the counter. The UFO FRENZY symbol feature is triggered during both the main spin and the free spins. Wild symbols are paid based on the line multiplier.

Scatter Icon

The Scatter symbol is an energy box; they can appear on all reels. Players need to collect 40 Scatters symbols to trigger 10 free spins with all wins being Doubled.

Each Scatter symbol that appears on the reels will be added to the counter. When 40 Scatters symbols are collected, the reward will be X1 of the total stake. Existing scatter will be forfeited when player changes bets. The Wheel of Fortune can be re-triggered.

UFO Frenzy Bonus Features

Players will have a chance to trigger the UFO Frenzy Bonus round which offers a very high chance of winning. Instead of collecting 3 Wild symbols on the reels, pay attention to the counter in the left part of the screen. During the UFO Frenzy Bonus round, all wins that the player spins will be doubled.

A Scatter symbol can appear at any time, and it will be collected in the Scatter counter on the left side. To trigger the Free Spins feature; the player will need to collect 40 spins and the game will award 10 free spins. Also the ring can be reactivated.

Payment Symbol 


How To Play UFO Frenzy Slot At Mega888

To join UFO Frenzy Slot at online casino Singapore, players just need to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Access Mega888 and contact customer service via Live chat, request account registration.
  • Step 2: According to the instructions, the player completes the form, enters the confirmation code and agrees to the betting terms at Mega888.
  • Step 3: Complete the account registration process, deposit the bet.
  • Step 4: At the “Mega888 category on the homepage, players choose “UFO Frenzy Slot” and start participating.


And if you are a fan of attractive Slot games along with alien adventures, surely UFO Frenzy Slot will not disappoint players. In addition to providing a rich, exciting experience, UFO Frenzy Slot also offers extremely high winning chances at Online Casino. Come and experience with us.