How To Play Lucky Lady’s Charm Slot Games at King855

What Is Lucky Lady’s Charm?

Lucky Lady’s Charm is a savior for those who love to bet while modern slots are taking over the market. Lucky Lady’s Charm, despite its simple structure, is equally interesting. The starting game was originally a game of pure land betting, after which it was refined and made available online. Lucky Lady’s Charm at King855 is really attractive and very interesting.

Lucky Lady’s Charm created by Novomatic. Initially in the production of this game, they thought that it was only intended to remind the player to be entertaining only with the appearance of a special woman – the iconic image of the game. After appearing in the online marketplace, classic slot machines allowed players to bet with real money instead of just playing on the previous demo.

Do not be surprised when coming to King855 and participating in Lucky Lady’s Charm betting game, receiving bonuses and many attractive gifts. Right from the beginning, this game has an unstoppable appeal. 

Lucky Lady’s Charm Betting Experience At King855

  • Betting Thread:

Although the game theme is quite simple, the image of the game is a woman, but the colors and graphics are generally good and eye-catching. Settlement table is dark red with a bright film-reel background. That is the logo of the game.

The reason the publisher creates the game with such colors and images is to create the rusticity in the game. Sometimes tends to resemble a horror movie from the 90s. Besides the warning sound is quite scary, players will feel the thrill of betting Lucky Lady’s Charm.

The low pay symbols on the game are playing card symbols. This is something that modern games are difficult to achieve. At the moment when King855 offers Lucky Lady’s Charm featuring the appearance of lucky symbols, rather than high-stakes images like Ladybug, Gold Coin or Four-Leaf Grass.

What is also unusual is the pairing of coins and clover together. Ladybugs are in the same group and their values ​​are equal. Note that these combinations do not come with Luck Lady as the icon has the ability to combine with additions in the fixed wild form including the jackpot.

The appearance of the scattering takes the form of a crystal ball or a mythical ball. It also has its own value instead of the bonus activation. And this is also the only symbol that has not been replaced by nature.

  • Characteristic Features:

Lucky Lady’s Charm betting is not really easy for beginners. The game includes 5 standard reels and 9 active pay lines. Bet range must be between 0.01 and 450 credits. Any player at King855 has the ability to bet on their own budget, rolling value from low to high.

Cash flows from left to right are operating the same. Except for paid scatter in any position on the roll. Players can get as much as they want from three or more. Usually each player is usually given 15 free rounds from the original with a multiplier of 3 times during the bonus games.

Something special would happen if at King855 the spins were not played on a single set of rolls. The 3 multiplier is a great addition for players that activate even spins. Because the dispersion is valuable, players will initiate the free spins until they receive a worthy victory. The spins value is calculated according to any bet the player has placed when the player activates them to start


Lucky Lady’s Charm, compared to many other games, does not seem as new, but because of the unique characteristics of the game, players are fascinated. Lucky Lady’s Charm game was present at King855 not long ago, the number of people who registered to bet is increasing every day. Players with the exception of Lucky Lady’s Charm have a variety of other Slots betting games. As long as players are interested, they can search in King855’s betting list. The betting application ensures quality and prestige for all players from many places.