How To Play Mahjong Games At Online Casino

Mahjong games appeared thousands of years ago somewhere in the Qing Dynasty. Until 1900 the game had spread around the world and received love from many players. In Singapore, there are many mahjong tournaments held, the prizes for the winners are very high. If you want to learn about this game, please join us to read through this article for more useful information.

History Of The Game Of Mahjong

Since mahjong dates back thousands of years, players do not know exactly when and where is the real origin of this game. Many people believe that this game was invented by the famous philosopher Confucius. Many others claim that the game dates back to the biblical Noah period.

Mahjong versions of betting must go back many years, undergo many modifications to be present today. The number of people who learn about this game still agrees that in the 19th century mahjong appeared and spread around the world in the early 20th century.

Mahjong Basics At Online Casino

Regional versions of mahjong will vary. This depends on the style of the betting player. Almost all international players use US law to bet on mahjong. This game is simply understood as having 14 tiles in 4 sets and a pair. Pairs called “pung” are made up of 2 identical bricks. A set of 3 is called “Chow” which means that 3 consecutive tiles of the same suit appear.

A game of mahjong requires 4 players. However, there are some versions that only have 3 players. This game has a total of 136 tiles. These plots have 36 characters, 36 bamboos and 36 circles that together make up suits. Each set is marked and divided into boxes from 1 to 9. Beside, there are 16 wind cells and 12 dragon squares. Sets will offer rewards consisting of 4 flowers and 4 seasons bricks. Bonus squares are not required to play the basic game of mahjong.

People Playing Mahjong At Online Casino

When participating in mahjong, players will stack the bricks together into 17 horizontal rows and 2 vertical rows. Until the player has owned 4 rows of bricks, they must be arranged in a square. There are 4 players on 1 table, each playing the dice role or choosing 1 tile with the highest value to determine which player will be the dealer. When you and other players take their respective positions, the dealer will roll the dice and count how many points start from the right side or the tile selection box. By law, each player has 13 tiles and the dealer will receive an additional slot to start the game.

Next, each player will arrange the tiles they receive in a row so that other players cannot see it. The dealer removes 1 slot for the game to start. Players who can complete a hand of mahjong in the next move will have priority first. Next is the priority given to any player who can complete a pair. To bring up a new pair a player has to shout “pung” and a trio is displayed when the player shouts “chow”. After those priorities, the player to the left of the dealer continues the game. The game goes on like this until a game of mahjong is finished.

Online Mahjong Singapore

Because mahjong is so massive, getting online isn’t too strange. Mahjong is now available throughout Singapore’s online casinos and betting apps. The ready-to-play versions are very popular with players. One of the most popular versions is based on the solitaire of the game in which you can match tiles just like you would with solitaire. There is also another variation based on slots, which use a slot mechanism for betting. The combinations like this make up different amounts of bonuses.

However, a game of mahjong does not always have 4 players. That is why there are online tournaments against others that are played with real cash prizes. So you can participate in many online tournaments on online casinos all over the world.


Mahjong games suitable for those who are passionate about betting, enjoy enjoying the experience. Mahjong is similar to rummy cube, just playing it through will make players love it. Currently, the number of casinos offering mahjong is not small, players who want to be able to choose for themselves a safe, reputable and quality betting place.