Monster Blast Slot Game

Monster Blast Slot is an adventure game that matches candy and unlocks awesome goofy monsters with level 3 for real prizes. The game features 8 monsters that cannot be unlocked, and each one will bring a sweet reward to the player. Learn how to play Monster Blast Slot in the article below!

What is Monster Blast Slot Game?

Monster Blast is a slot game with 9 wacky monsters with cute teeth, players will collect stars to level up and unlock new monsters to bring home many new prizes. Each brick explosion in the game rewards stars, completing achievements will bring stars and level up the player’s progress. Progress is saved and monster unlocks and rewards are still available upon game restart.

Blast a chain of 3 or more bricks to fill up the candy bars, each candy bar is filled by exploding a total of 7 bricks. Accordingly, players can access the to experience this interesting game.

Game Overview

Developer: Microgaming

RTP: 95.11%

Reels: 5X5

Paylines: There are 8 bonuses

Minimum bet: 0.8

Max bet: 100

Trial: Have

  • Monsters and rewards

There will be 9 different monsters in the game, each foreign monster from the first will contain a unique reward that is activated by exploding a chain of bonus bricks. Players will choose a monster from the monster screen to play, unlocking new monsters by leveling up.

At the end of each bonus, winning points will be added to the winnings of the bonus-triggered game, there will be 8 bonuses in the base turn.

  • Chocolate Cake

A great chocolate cake with a surprise win.

  • Lollipop

Players will receive 10 free spins, free spins with the same stake as the bonus active play. Stars are not awarded during the free spins, and there are no bonus tiles in the free spins either. During the free play, the player will not be able to change the currently playing monster.

  • Fruit cupcakes

Choose 1 of 6 cupcakes, each of which will hide a different cash reward, when the player selects a cupcake, the cake cover with a multiplier will be automatically added.

  • Chocolate Point Cake

Play a mini game of spinning wheel bricks by blasting a chain of 3 or more identical reels. Each blast sequence sends the toe forward on an obstacle, some of which are marked with a multiplier. As the toe advances the multiplier will normally increase, the bonus round ends when there are no more chains left to explode.

The bonus round win is the game bet multiplied by the obstacle multiplier of the last pass of the bonus game.

  • Candy marbles

5 turns to win free points, in each free play, candy bricks will be displayed on the board, if the string of marbles explodes, the player’s reward will be x2, x3 or x5. The free spins with stake will be the same as the bonus play.

  • Belgian Waffles

A delicious Belgian waffle will bring unexpected winning points.

  • Sour candy

There are 12 super sour glues to choose from, 10 candies that hide cash rewards, 2 candies that hide the point multiplier. Once the hidden multiplier is discovered, the total previously opened bonus is multiplied by this multiplier, ending the bonus round.

  • Pancake

A free spin wins, free spins are played with the same stake as the bonus trigger. During this free spin, every candy bar is a 10x multiplier.

  • Huge win

Blast a huge winning streak to trigger the huge prize wheel. Spin the winning wheel to win a bonus or get a chance to spin the huge prize wheel and get even bigger rewards.


Monster Blast Slot is an interesting game with a cartoonish graphic interface that will definitely bring a lot of experience to players. In addition to Monster Blast Slot, players can also experience other Slot games with the same theme such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Air Combat 1942.