How To Play Online SicBo At King855 Casino Singapore

What Is Sicbo?

Sicbo is an ancient dice game that has its roots in Chinese culture. Players only need a bowl and 3 dice, shake to start betting.

Today, Sicbo game is loved by many players around the world. It appears most of the online casinos as well as betting applications. Without a casino, you can still play Sicbo betting right from your mobile or computer at home. Sicbo betting, which is simple, easy to play, is even more convenient with King855 Casino Singapore.

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Basic Sicbo Rules:

According to the basic rules, a traditional Sicbo game requires 3 dice. Each dice has 6 faces and is denoted by numbers 1 to 6 with dots. In addition, a cup or plate is required to shake when the game starts.

  • The player guesses how much of the dice will appear after shaking.
  • If the player predicts correctly, he can win and receive a prize. If the player loses, the bet loses.
  • The dealer takes care of shaking the dice.

Compared to the traditional version, playing modern Sicbo is not too different. Thanks to the development of technology, shaking the dice is simpler and less effortless. Participating in online betting, you can shake the dice using a technology platform. Just click, shake the dice to roll and get a random result. This is very convenient for players.

Dice are poured by mobile or computer randomly so it is honest, there is no arrangement. Each game of Sicbo takes place very quickly. When the results of the dice are drawn, you will know whether you win or lose right away.

Many players prefer to bet online Sicbo more than traditionally because it has multiple bets. Modern Sicbo has many innovations to suit the betting needs of the player. Therefore, despite appearing on the betting market for a long time, Sicbo is still loved by many players. After many changes, Sicbo becomes more and more attractive, giving you more options and your chances of winning also increase.

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Sicbo Betting Experience At King855 Casino Singapore:

  • Any game is the same, without exception of Sicbo, if you want to win you must master the rules of the game.
  • Each game has its own terminology. If you don’t understand the definitions of terms like: triple bet, flat bet, … you won’t have many choices of betting. From there betting does not go well and you may even make wrong decisions.
  • Don’t expect high odds to get a high payout. Remember, when the odds are high, those bets are very difficult to win. Easy to win bets, the bonus value is not high.
  • If you are a beginner, you should bet on small, easy-to-win bets, the payout is not too high but you have experience. The doors like over – under, even – split bets are usually up to 50%. When you choose to bet on these doors, the chances of winning are enormous, as the result limit is only small or large, even or odd.
  • You have to change or widen your bets for your betting experience to develop. Do not bet 10 games at 1 bet.
  • Whether you work or play a game, you should keep yourself mentally calm and stable, so that you can come up with accurate thinking and correct prediction.
  • You must have a strong financial position to be confident in betting. So you have to understand and control your betting finances effectively. Don’t bet all the money you have in just 1 bet.
  • Finally, choose a safe betting place, ensuring both fun and entertainment with prizes. King855 Casino Singapore is confident of being a quality betting app that ensures you get the things you deserve when betting here.

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Sicbo is no longer a strange game for those who love betting. Currently, the number of bookmakers and websites offering Sicbo betting is extremely large. If you love betting and want to play in a safe, healthy environment, you can choose King855 Casino Singapore. This is a famous betting application on the Singapore market and is offered by many online casinos and resellers. is the casino that offers King855 that is loved and well-received by many players.