Roulette Online – Play Roulette At Singapore Online Casino


Roulette Online - Play Roulete At Singapore Online Casino


Roulette in French means small rotation. A typical feature of the game is that a ball is rolled into the wheel with a number from 0 to 36 and they are red or black. In this game, players can choose to bet based on a single number, different number clusters, in black or red, in odd or even numbers, or in high numbers (19-36) or low (1- 18); by placing chips on the table (layout) according to the position you want to bet.

Many recorded documents show Roulette appeared in the 17th century in France. Initially the French mathematician and logician Pasal invented the wheel with the desire to create a perpetual motion machine. Later, this invention was unsuccessful, until two French brothers, Francois and Louis Blanc, turned the wheel, attached a gearbox to become the Roulette game today despite many improvements. much more.

To this day, Roulette thrives and becomes the leading betting game in all casinos, whether online casino Singapore or offline, Roulette is the main revenue-earning area for the casino.


Basically, the rule of the game is that the player must predict the most accurate number possible after the ball stops. To talk about understanding Roulette rules, a player must participate in real play, capture and analyze the play situation. In addition, players should know that Roulette is known for three main variants:

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • French Roulette

How to play

In this roulette game there will be 1 roulette and 1 number table for players to bet on in it. In this table there will be a total of 37 numbers numbered from 0 to 36 and the different bet types. First, the betting player will have a short time to choose the bet type to bet.

The roulette operator, or Dealer, starts the dial by launching a small ball on the spinning roulette. As a rule, small balls need to spin at least 3 rounds before falling on a specific number.

When the ball falls into a certain number, the player will compare that number with the bet that he placed not to consider winning or losing.

Roulette Online - Play Roulete At Singapore Online Casino

Types of betting

Black Red Bet: This bet is based on the color of the number in the table, and only 2 colors are Red and Black. The rate is 50 50, so it will be easy to make money.

Bet 0: This bet types 1 to 35. But this rate is very low. There are also double bets, single bets, 4-number group bets…. But most betting players often bet on the above categories because the odds of 50 50 are easy to win.

Odd – Even bets: Counted from 1 – 36. If the ball falls in an odd or even number then use that result to determine the winning or losing result. Note that zero will be calculated.

Half-table Bet: In this bet the player will have 2 options from 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. Whichever number the ball falls in, the number is used to determine the winning or losing result.

Group of 12 numbers: There are 6 numbers of 12 numbers on the table, the player determines which team wants to place on the table to bet on. The number of balls rolled in will be used to determine the group of numbers the player bet on whether to win or lose. Bet 1 to 2.

Roulette Online - Play Roulete At Singapore Online Casino


Experiencing many different periods until today. Roulette completely stand firm in the betting market. And Roulette is the game that revolutionized the gambling industry. Nowadays, the development of mankind goes up, people do not need to go to the casino to be able to participate in betting. Even at their home or wherever it is, players can still participate in Roulette betting. Just owning a phone or electronic device with wifi connection, players can start taking bets. Just save travel costs, just save time.