Top 6 Tips To Win Sic Bo Online For Beginners

Sicbo online is a real money game with high risk, but it is not difficult to win it. However, you need to have certain strategies and techniques to win big. At the same time, if you can combine with your own skills such as meticulous observation, good memory or perseverance and determination, you can join this game comfortably.

For a beginner who has no experience, it is difficult to find a strategy by himself. Therefore, the best way for a beginner is to learn some tips from the experts in the online casino world before playing to win Sic Bo online easily.

Some Of Tips To Win Sic Bo Online For Beginners

Tips 1 : Choose The Safest Way To Play

In the Sic Bo online, there are many different bets with payout odds and betting odds that are completely inversely proportional to each other. Therefore, players can bet at their own liking, but if you are a beginner to the game, don’t be too greedy to choose high-stakes betting. If you do that, your risk will be up to 90% losing and the house edge will have all your amount. Because those bets are often very low hit probability, to play it, you must be an experienced player.

So, the best way for you is to prioritize betting on 2 bets: Over or Under. These two bets only place 1 get 1, but the odds of winning it are up to 50% – the highest probability of winning in all the bets. You should not evaluate these two bets through the payout ratio. Currently, there are many experienced players who get rich from using over or under bets. The secret to win with this strategy is that once you have spent time observing and learning the Over/Under rules, getting rich is guaranteed. Therefore, at first you just bet a little to find the rules, then be confident to place a strong bet, you will win strong.

Tips 2 : Make A Correct Judgment To Be Able To Win Sic Bo Online

After a long time playing Sic Bo and only using the Over/Under tactics, do you sometimes feel bored?

If you have played for a long time, you can also accumulate a lot of experiences and increase your ability to judge to a new level, you can confidently judge and confidently decide your bet, it will win a lot.

Bet on Sic Bo online with the big money (the risk-take tip)

You are a risk-taker and you want to make a sudden breakthrough. Let’s use the large amount of money to wager on the bets you want.

This method means betting to double the amount of the previous game if you lose and to bet as the previous game if you win. Therefore, to play this way must be very lucid, lucid and have a large capital.

Tips 3 : Avoid Playing Sic Bo Online At Night

Players should absolutely avoid playing Sic Bo at online casinos during the night. It can be said that a lot of people will not pay attention to this problem, but if you play at night will be able to reduce your concentration and lucidity, and be harmful to health.

Tips 4 : Use Suitable Betting Strategies

When you are losing money, you must refrain from betting money. Don’t bet beyond your limits, do not think that a game can take back all that was lost, just make you lose more. You have to understand that you always have a lot of time and the house edge has a huge amount of money. You want to win all the money on the house edge, it is really extremely deadly.

If you have a bet, it is not sure that you will lose. If you have decided to continue to bet, you should save your capital. You must have a plan for each case of losing the bet, there is still a reserve, not to lose all.

Tips 5 : Try To Split The Bet Amount

Players who only have a small amount of capital should try to play the Sic Bo way of betting small, limiting the bet is too big. Taking less to win more is not something encouraged by the experienced players, taking too much to win less is the best way.

Tips 6 : Avoid Playing For A Long Time

You should avoid playing for too long, when you see signs of fatigue, confusion, you should also rest. Playing Sic Bo online in a state of not being lucid is a high risk. Because you will not be alert enough to calculate or think strategically to be able to make the most accurate decision.You should only fight when you are at your best.


The tips above are given to you who are fighting at the Sic Bo arena both in offline casino and online casino Singapore like With these tips, we think you can win at any casino. We hope that it can help you in finding a victory in Sic Bo. Good luck!

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