Tips To Increase Your Chance Of Victory When Playing Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger games

Dragon Tiger is one of the card games rated the easiest to play and has the highest win rate. However, if you rely solely on luck, it is very difficult to win with great value. Therefore, the player needs to use his own moves to increase his chances of winning. The following article will share with you all information about how to most easily apply moves to the Dragon Tiger game. Let’s learn more!

How to bet in Dragon Tiger?

Players will have the right to place bets on one of the three doors that are either a Dragon, a Tiger or a Tie. After the player has made a bet with the desired amount of money, the dealer will deal with 2 sides of Dragon Tiger 1 card each, and these are face cards and the result is considered immediately.

The scoring method in Dragon Tiger is very simple, card A will have the lowest score with only 1 point, cards 2 to 10 will be graded with the corresponding number on that card (for example card 5 is 5 points, card 9 is 9 points). Next, J will be counted as 11 points, Q is 12 points and K is the highest with 13 points.

The final result will be calculated based on the score of the higher side. If both the Dragon Gate and the Tiger Gate both score the same, it will be considered a tie. Then if the player places in 1 of 2 Dragon and Tiger doors they will lose 50% of the original bet amount to the dealer.

Observe the results of the Dragon Tiger games

When choosing to play Dragon Tiger online, there will be statistics of the game results for players to easily observe. You can pay attention to this statistic to predict the best results for the next bet. Usually, Dragon Tiger’s results are sequential results, once the player has grasped the series of results they can bring in a lot of bounty.

Dragon Tiger games

Learn and understand the types of bets

First of all, players need to be familiar with the different types of bets and bet types in Dragon Tiger. Once you have a good grasp of the type of betting, everything will become easier for the player. You can easily analyze the results and choose the best bet for you.

Avoid placing on Tie

When playing Dragon Tiger, players should avoid placing in the Tie. Because this is the door that can cost many people money. The best player should only bet on the Dragon or Tiger’s door, although these 2 doors have a 1: 1 payout ratio, the chance of a return is high. As for Tie, the odds of winning are up to 1: 8, which is difficult to win.

Also, when you place a bet on a Dragon or Tiger bet that results in a Tie, the player loses only 50% of the bet amount. But when wagering on a Tie, the result is either a Dragon or a Tiger’s bet, the player loses the entire bet.

Psychological factors when playing

Players need to have a strong mentality, confident in their own decisions. Psychological factors should be considered by players during the process of playing Dragon Tiger. You need to focus exclusively on the bet, avoiding psychological factors around affecting the betting decisions you have chosen, to avoid the highest risk.

Take control of yourself when playing

Self-control is key for players to get good results when playing Dragon Tiger át Singapore casino online If the player does not master himself, it is very easy to lose control of the results in the game. In case if you lose, you will try to remove the gauze of the lost money then only make you lose more money. While winning, the more you want to earn more bonuses. However, Dragon Tiger is a game based on luck, so your risk of being at risk is very high. If you can control yourself, you will master the game Dragon Tiger online and become the winner.

Observe and count cards while playing

Almost every hand of a Dragon Tiger online will have only 2 cards dealt. With so few cards dealt, card counting is what everyone needs to do to have a better chance of winning.

You should carefully observe the cards dealt in the matches so that you can eliminate the possibilities of appearing and make better betting decisions for the next game. Only observing will help the player increase their chances of winning. If you cannot memorize, you can write down.

Bet suitably when playing

Making a fair bet is not an easy thing to do when playing Dragon Tiger. The amount of stakes in each game will directly affect the final amount you can bring. Plan to play that day to see how much money you will spend to play, and divide the appropriate amount of capital for each hand. Of course the bet amount will be different in each game, but it needs to be adjusted properly and not too much difference!


Above are tips to help you win online Dragon Tiger with great value. Hopefully, you can apply these strategies to have the best experiences. Good Luck!