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Welcome to Realessay – Singapore’s most reliable information and betting channel!  You can experience many attractive online casino games with the best services. We believe that Realessay is one of the popular agents offering the newest online TOTO results accurately and fast from the Singapore Pools. This below article will give you how to play TOTO, how to bet TOTO and information about TOTO results Singapore Pools. Sign in and find more information about TOTO with us! 

TOTO’s Definities

Like the 4D lottery, TOTO is also a legal lottery that is launched by Singapore Pools which is the only licensed branch by Singapore’s government. With the development of the Internet, the TOTO lottery has become one of the most popular lotteries at Singapore. It’s not only famous in Singapore and Malaysia, it also reaches the top of the world ranking.

How To Play TOTO?

In order to play TOTO Singapore Pools , you only need to choose a sequence list of 6 numbers from 1 to 49. You only lose $1 for each ticket. 

At the time to announce the results, the operator will draw a winning combination with 6 numbers and an additional number. You will win the big rewards if your selected numbers are the same with at least 3 winning numbers. In addition, you also have to choose your type of bet. There are many choices for you and the choice of the correct type of bet  is extremely important, which determines a great deal for your prize. Remember that, if you choose the Ordinary Entry, please do not complete anything else.

You Can Choose Your Favorite Number To Place A Bet

If you choose Ordinary Entry type, you can choose all betting numbers. 

If you want to have a System Roll type, you can select 5 numbers betting.

If you select System Entry type, your choice will be the number between 7 to 12. 

Another important note, your six numbers are marked according to each similar bet type. 

You have to choose the draw days. Beside choosing the draw day between 2 or 4 draws to place a bet for 4 repeated draws, the player who bet on current draw is not accepted in this type. 

You Can Choose Your Favorite Group To Divide Your Wager

In the TOTO process, only have a step to complete your game. It’s the decision to select the TOTO group if you want to separate.  You can choose “QP” if you are on Quick Pick while choosing “VOID” to skip and add another board to place a bet. With our detailed guidance, the players can have more chances to win the Jackpot easier at Singapore Pools

Where Can I Buy A TOTO Ticket?

You can buy an official TOTO ticket at the main Singapore Pools branch or its stores. 

To ensure safety and reliability, you should only buy TOTO online tickets at these reputable addresses. Please check the information carefully as soon as you receive the ticket and notify the staff if there is any problem. You only need to base on the draw date printed on each ticket to check the results.

TOTO Results Singapore Pools

With the popularity and rapid development of TOTO, this is not only a famous name in the Singapore area but also in other countries around the world. This is a proof to TOTO’s popularity among players around the world. You can check TOTO results directly at 6.30 p.m on Mondays and Thursday weekly in the main Singapore Pools branch at 210 Middle Road. Singapore Pools is the only legal company that is licensed to hold bets, spin numbers and publish results. All lottery revenue is used for charitable purposes.

If you can go to the Singapore Pools branch to get TOTO results it’s fun, but if you’re not convenient to see the dealer. With the help of the Internet, these websites connect directly with Singapore Pools to bring the results to the fans quickly and accurately. Proud to be one of those reputable agents, Realessay is honored to become the most selected agent for almost all players Singapore.  


TOTO is a betting game and operated as a legal lottery Singapore. Day by day, TOTO has become one of the best lottery Singapore that attracts thousands of players joining. Beside the announced results in Singapore Pools website, you can check the results at our website. We prouds as one of the best online casino Singapore to bring the TOTO results to our fans quickly and accurately. Join Realessay right now!