Why Do You Always Lose When Playing Online Football Betting

Football betting attracts millions of players in many countries all over the world. In fact, there are few players who can get rich thanks to these lucky games. In each game, there are 99% of players losing football betting. But why do you always lose when playing online football betting? What should you do when losing? Or does the house edge cheat? Let’s find out the specific cause with us! 

Why Do You Always Lose When Playing Online Football Betting

Why Do You Always Lose When Playing Online Sports Betting?

Once losing football betting, players will think that it is the scam of the house edge. If you calmly think a little bit, you will see the money of housed edge is not yours because it will not last more than 1 day if they do that. In fact, it is also very difficult to have a football match being cheating. If it has, there are also only big organizations like Mafia, the government. And if it really happens, the house edge will recognize this anomaly because the money will flow into one part. 

Therefore, your loss is not the house edge’s fault. Remember that the house edge is calculated detailly to get the profit, so winning or losing are based on you. 

We summed up 5 reasons that make you lose when playing football betting. 

1. Losing Football Betting Due To Psychology

Losing because you always put the pressure to win in every match so you lose, you want to recover your profit quickly and solve it in 1 match. In fact, the wisest job in losing is to recover slowly because if you hurry, the debt will increase exponentially and will exceed your ability to recover. 

Playing too many games a day, too many games at the same time, so it is easy to lose control and lead to losing your mind. The human brain is not a computer so it will be overloaded if you have to process too much information.

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2. Losing Football Betting Due To Too Confident 

Why Do You Always Lose When Playing Online Football Betting2

Almost all players have a common habit that when they are winning and feel very lucky, they become too confident. They think that they have reached the highest level and showhand in a game. However, it makes you lose all money at the end of the game.  Because of that thinking, you also maybe lose by another way. You always feel you have full of money in your account no matter how much you have, you just play without calculating. You bet on every match, every handicap without management. That leads you to lose all of your money in all the games that you bet. 

Lose because you consider yourself an expert. You need to identify the match from the perspective of prediction of football betting to get the most accurate prediction. 

3.  Losing Football Betting Due To Too Greed. 

The players lose because of greed who want to get rich quickly by betting on football. However, you need to understand that this industry has high interest rates and high risks. 20% return on invested capital is ok. We have not seen anyone who gambles but gets rich, if you want to increase profits by 30-40%, the potential risks increase, too. 

Why Do You Always Lose When Playing Online Football Betting3

4. Losing Football Betting Due Not To Having A Plan. 

Losing because of failing to make a plan, strategy to play from the beginning. When you are not prepared for the worst case situation, you are more likely to panic and make bad decisions. Know how to use your capital in specific stages and stop when you reach profitability and take a break when losing to a certain extent. 

5. Losing Football Betting Due To Irresistible

In the end, you lost because you were unlucky. If you fall into this cycle you have to accept and need to take a break to clear your mind and then continue playing again. 

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As mentioned above, these are five reasons that cause the failure in playing football betting. To win football betting, you need to understand the extensive knowledge of football, then you need to learn how to control yourself and eventually you need basic trivia skills. You can learn more about how to certainly win when playing football betting on our website. There are many articles sharing the experience of always playing online sports betting Singapore. You can refer to better play offline!